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What is Chromatic Aberration — Types and Examples Explained

Have you ever snapped a photo, been incredibly happy with the composition of it, the lighting! But suddenly you become overrun with dread to see red and blue color fringing around your subject? This, my friend, is chromatic aberration. In this article, we’ll take a look at the chromatic aberration definition as well...

Camera Crew Positions & Camera Department Explained

Filmmaking is an incredibly collaborative art form. It is only achieved through the collaborative efforts of various departments. While all departments are crucial to the success of a film, in this article we will be covering the camera department. What roles are in a camera department? What responsibilities does each position entail? What...

Steven Spielberg Movies — Filmmaking Style & Techniques

You’ve seen many Steven Spielberg movies in your time. Despite his popularity, it can be difficult to pinpoint what defines Steven Spielberg directing style. Perhaps his control of the medium is so natural and intuitive, his trademarks and cinematography techniques go unnoticed in a good way. We get lost in a Spielberg movie...

What Was the Harlem Renaissance — And Why It Mattered

What was the Harlem Renaissance? The Harlem Renaissance was a landmark art movement that changed the course of music, literature, and culture. We’re going to explore the history of the Harlem Renaissance by looking at its pioneers. By the end, you’ll know how the Harlem Renaissance started, how it ended, who its leaders...