by R. Scott Brock
In the future all countries are armed with nuclear weapons. Now, from the tiniest to the largest of Nations, have the capabilities to wage mass nuclear destruction.
Many countries, either through greed or desperation to protect themselves from tyrants, teeter on the brink of nuclear annihilation.
The United States has tasked the minds of the greatest geneticists and bio-mechanical engineers to create weapon organisms in an effort to mitigate and neutralize the world-wide threats.
So, in the middle of the Nevada desert M.O.R.D. (Military Organic Research and Development) was born. Consisting of thousands of acres of training facilities and multiple sublevel laboratories deep into the Nevada desert.
Dr. William Scott, his wife Dr. Jeanette Scott and Dr. Mackenzie (Mac) Phillips are the programs lead researchers and scientists. All of the weapons organisms/species start life as small infants and grow quickly into fully developed adult combat platforms.
Many Bio projects were developed, the first “BIO WEAPON” to reach operational maturity is designated ROADRUNNER, from Dr. Scott and Dr. Mac’s labs.
RoadRunner is a genetic mix of cretaceous period Velociraptor and modern Alaskan wolf, stands over 7’ tall on a muscular armored scaled frame. It’s head a product of it’s DNA mix with predatorial reptilian eyes and a long muzzle with protruding sharp canine fangs.
RoadRunner is designated as a terror weapon. Combat priorities to recon/scout and disrupt and destroy enemy convoys as violently as possible causing enemies to be afraid to travel within their own territory. RoadRunner it is rumored to have a penchant for fresh apples, but unable to verify.
The only known negative in M.O.R.D.’s history, Dr. Borgner. Borgner’s Bio’s were unstable and totally uncontrollable. He was rumored to being phased out of the program due to the casualties they caused during training. Again unable to verify.
M.O.R.D. facility was destroyed by a missile attack from an unknown country. The upper buildings were destroyed by multiple nuclear war heads that malfunctioned in fission stage, but initial detonation explosion was rated at over 3 million tons of high explosive.
Casualties were in the hundreds, including Dr. Jenette Scott. Dr. Scott and Dr. Mac were saved by sheer luck by being in a reinforced weapons elevator. They both were able to reach surface by emergency egression tube. As to survivors in the sub labs insufficient data. This would include Dr. Borgner.
Years go by, Dr. Scott and Mac live a few miles of the wreckage of M.O.R.D., Dr. Scott spends his days hiking and working on projects that the New United States have sent to him, mostly seed genetics.
Occasionally Dr. Scott’s hikes take him to the outmost rim of the ruins of M.O.R.D. He still mourns the loss of Jenette.
Status of the Bio’s are thought to be all are in terminal hibernation stasis.
Occasional power” glitches” have occurred in the sub labs unknown to people above ground. One Bio is awakened during one of the “glitches” and with no supervision the Bio falls back into initial operational combat profile as part of its failsafe training.
Once back onto the surface the Bio makes it way to the nearest road as it’s protocol demands. It’s only directive now is to disrupt and destroy all movement on all roads.
The ROADRUNNER now sets about it’s bloody task of terror and killing everything in its way.
Budget: $ 22’500’000.-