This is a very rough idea for a trailer using low resolution comp images. Obviously it will look much better if we decide to purchase the high resolution stock. I used around 20 images there. I'm not totally sold on all of them yet, I can probably find better ones here and there, fool around with different sequences, see if i can get it to flow better. I would make the whole thing a bit more dynamic, add slow movement to certain images, play around with transitions, etc.

I also think the whole thing would work much better with a voice over. And as far as the music goes. I found it online, it comes with a Creative Commons license, It requires to credit the author and can't be used for profit. Not sure if this applies as "for profit" but if you're really sold on it and want everything done right, we can probably get a commercial license for it from this guy... Piece is called "Death by candlelight".

I spent a lot of time looking at tons of content and listening to a bunch of music. It's hard to find good free music. Perhaps you have something you would like to use? Or know someone who can compose it? I could give it a shot myself, I have the know-how, but I'm not a pro and it would take me a good chunk of time to get it done.

With all that out of the way, I think this piece needs a stronger ending. I need to play around with those silhouettes, see if I can get it all to look better (image quality aside) so the whole thing packs a better punch.

Let me know what you think of the sequence, the images, if you'd like to add any key points or dump something. I'll keep tinkering with it, once we like it I will purchase the images and I will render a final draft.