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My name is James A. Brooks. I’m a director, scriptwriter and producer who’s been involved in film since 1988, when I dove into making my first independent feature.
I wrote, directed, produced, and acted in the film, managing to finish it for under $5000 –an investment which I turned into $37,000 when I quickly sold it. This early project gave me a wealth of first-hand working knowledge about a great many aspects of filmmaking, which I have since worked hard to expand and improve upon. And actually managing to turn my initial excitement and hard work into the beginnings of a professional business has motivated me to do bigger and better things in the industry.
Since that humble start, I have become involved with many other talented newcomers who have shown me the same passion for creativity in film production. For the last 25-plus years I have been spearheading a steady output of music videos, independent full-length and short films motion pictures, and numerous commercials.

I am asking that you please take the time to look at our portfolio page. There, you will find listed several genre films we are currently developing, and which I believe have a very wide audience appeal.
As a working producer, I’ve found that there is an untapped wealth of talented writers who are just looking for their big break, their chance to show off their merits and possibilities to the world –and I’ve tried to give as many of them as I am able a way to showcase their unique works.Each of these men and women who have become part of our production group are from diverse backgrounds, which has enriched their various different styles of writing and their genre strengths. I believe it is this diversity which has ensured that the narrative and thematic content of our films is both fresh and eminently relatable.
Some of the members of my growing “film family” have been together for over twenty years. What binds us is our shared enthusiasm for creating entertaining and impactful stories that are timely, yet enduring.

James A Brooks director