A story about Joe, a boy growing up with his friends, dreaming about becoming a professional soccer player. His dreams eventually need to be put on hold after he meets a girl, falls in love and she becomes pregnant. Joe must now get a job to try to provide for his new family. Tragedy strikes and the young parents find out their daughter is born with a disability leading to a life threatning condition. In dire need of surgery the couple becomes desperate with very little money and no prospects on the horizon. By chance, Joe comes across one of his boyhood rivals. Jack who is now a professional soccer player rekindles the old conflicts. After sharing his story, Jack proposes a bet. Rematch of the last game they played against each other as kids. If Joe wins, Jack will pay for the surgery. Desparate for a way out, Joe accepts. He is now tasked with reaching out to his old friends and persuading them to play the rematch without letting them know what's at stake. Struggle to draw everyone in follows leading to a war on the field between the rookies and pros.


Took a few liberties with the names, and I haven't read the script so I'm not sure how true to the story this really is. No idea about the ending. You have to tell me how much of this you want to give away. Does he win? Perhaps he looses but the rival has a change of heart and pays for it anyway? ;)