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1. When does a certain movie come out on DVD?

Today, most movies are released on DVD 16 to 12 weeks after their theatrical premiere, but this is not a steadfast rule. If a movie is doing exceptionally well in theaters, the DVD release may be delayed, and if it bombs, the release may be pushed up.

2. How do I get tickets to movie premieres?

Check media outlets for contests and special events. Newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels are often given complimentary tickets by movie studios, with the understanding that the tickets will be given away to the general public.

3. How do I submit ideas or scripts to be considered?

The preferred way is to contact a producer through a literary agent, Before you send it to anyone, register it with the Writers Guild of America. Unless you are a member there will be a small charge for this, but it is not much. That way you have a draft on file in the case you need to prove you wrote it and when. You can do it on line by going to the WGA website.

4. How can I contact a certain actor/actress or filmmaker?

You can find actor profiles through Backstage and IMDb – Movies, TV and Celebrities (not just for Celebrities but all working actors).

5. We don’t have a location to film. Can you find us a location? And how much does that cost?

Absolutely,our Production Coordinator and Producer will work together to source the best location for filming. Some locations like a home location can be secured for minimal budget, maybe only a few hundred dollars, but larger more challenging locations may cost $5,000 or more for the day.

6. Should I use internal employees or hire professional actors in my video?

Using internal versus professional actors for talent all depends upon what kind of video you are producing. If it is a testimonial video about the company then real people is always better. But if you are producing a production with a host or needing to re-create narrative scenes then stick to professional actors. The end result is well worth the investment. If you just need extras for the background of scenes then employees are ok to use, as long as they sign a waiver.

7. What is the difference between motion graphics and 3d animation?

A motion graphics video typically includes on-screen text combined with shapes and sometimes images. Whereas, an animated video generally includes animated characters.