This movie is a great family values story about a troubled teen (Simon R. Baker) who is sentenced after a run-in with the law.
To help turn his life around, he is sent to a working ranch owned by Mrs. Ainsley (Lindsay Wagner) under the tutelage of two veteran cowboys. The film also stars Gary Busey, Adam West and George Gerdes.

Can the strength of one cowboy, and the compassion of one woman, take this child from the street, and make him a man?

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Belle Productions in association with Brooksvision Entertainment

Simon R. Baker
Linday Wagner
Gary Busey
Adam West
George Gerdes
Greg Shelton
Rusty Meyers
Ashley Madison
Phillip Morris
Susan L. Keller
Gene Ellison Jones
Jennifer Cramer
David Sontag
James Brooks, Jr.

Executive Producer
Greg Shelton

Co-Executive Producers
James Kilber
Lori Kilber
David Skrock
Paul Towell
Farah Ibrahimi

James Adams Brooks
Deedee Brooks
Robert Scott Brock

Director of Photography
Allen R. Williams

Screenplay by
Bob Holland

Directed by
James Adams Brooks

Edited by
Allen R. Williams