Producer filming modern-day western



Local film producer and director James A. Brooks is currently producing a movie “Buckaroo” in Las Vegas Valley.

Filming on the project started early this month and will continue through May 21. The projected release dathe for “Buckaroo” is September 15, according to Brooks. The modern-day western will be released nation wide.

Brooks, films director and co-producer on the project explained, “The movie is about a Native American kid who gets in trouble with the law in the city of Denver. He ends up going to court after this run-in with the law. His punishment is that he must learn how to be a cowboy.”

“Buckaroo” was written by Bob Holland. The film stars Lindsay Wagner (“The Bionic Woman”). Gary Busey (“The Buddy Holly Story”). Adam West (“Batman” in the ’60s TV show) and emerging young actor Simon R. Baker (“Into the West”, “I, Robot” and “The Missing”).

Several local residents are also appearing in the film including Executive Producer Greg Shelton who also stars in “Buckaroo”. Sentinel-Voice “Sports Pace” commentary writer Huel Washington is cast in the role of the bailiff in the court scenes.

Other stars appearing in the film include Philip Morris, as well as Larry and David Sontag (“Ocean’s 11” and “Ocean’s 12”).

– Chelsi Cheatom